Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances are an essential feature to be a dentist and orthodontist sets by the end of therapy can not be removed. Each fixed orthodontic appliance consists of brackets ( “brackets”), which are placed on the incisors, canines, and premolars, followed by the rings, which are placed on the molars and from the port, which is connected with the locks and rings. During treatment with alternate arches and a shift of the teeth. The only drawback of these devices is their visibility, but today there are white aesthetic brackets and braces, and the colors that are aesthetically acceptable. The duration of therapy with conventional fixed appliances is around 20 months, with a self-ligating brackets therapy is an average of six months and shorter periods between inspections were longer.

The ideal time for treatment with fixed appliances after the eruption of the second molars, which is roughly the age of 13 years. However, if the above conditions are met, the fixed appliance can be worn in the fourth and fifth decade of life.

After the therapy, and to maintain the corrected position of the teeth, be sure to carry a mobile appliances or splints (retainer), in the beginning I prekp days and at night, and later the patients wear only at night
It is important that in the course of carrying fixnog appliances patients regularly come to control how an orthodontist and with your dentist, because the braces on the teeth due to difficulties in maintaining oral hygiene.