Laser therapy

In the field of dentistry, lasers for soft tissue have multiple positive effects because they provide a less invasive method with a minimum of postoperative complications and interventions generally do not require the use of anesthesia. Treatment and recovery of patients is shorter and less unpleasant. It is also less need for analgesics – pain meds.


Laser therapy is used for:

  • Inflammation of periodontal pockets and gingival inflammation where the therapy leads to complete elimination of bacteria that cause pain, inflammation and bleeding, bad breath
  • Treatment of the root canal wherein the endodontic treatment is shortened and rapidly repair the infections at the top of the root of
  • Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty – use of lasers for the creation of so-called gingiva. Gummy smile which is very disturbed smile lowered gingiva. Then use the laser quickly heal wounds and small are able to complications than other methods
  • Treatment of herpes and ulcers where after only one tretmanalaserom comes to a complete elimination of pain after 2 therapy changes completely disappear. It is important that the patient comes to the therapy as soon as changes are formed in the mouth
  • Cosmetic dentistry – laser teeth whitening is more efficient than conventional ways of teeth whitening

Laser represents an evolution in dental medicine and support is a standard dental procedures.