Implantology and Oral surgery

Dental implants

implantologija-01Thanks to many years of development in technology and the dental industry, dental implants have become very successful and are now generally accepted for dental reconstruction. Whatever the cause of tooth loss, implants are in many cases proven to be as effective as traditional solutions and also easier to compensate for a lost tooth.

implantologija-02Dental implants are titanium screws that are implanted in the jawbone. Because of their structure and bio-compatibility, they do not disturb the surrounding tissue nor does the body reject them. Simulating the natural function of the tooth root, implants will act as prosthetic compensation, providing a wide range of restoration (compensation of one or more teeth, carriers bridge or mobile prosthesis).

With implants, healthy teeth remain untouched, which is a significant factor in their success.

There are various systems that exist in today’s market, but we use only proven technology from known manufacturers. Of course, cooperation with leading dental laboratories enables us to provide you with exceptional quality and long-term restoration, because you are our priority!

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Ugradnja dentalnih implanata

implantologija-06Our team of specialists will determine if implantation is right for you, as well as what types of implants will be used for the rehabilitation of your teeth. This will be based on clinical examination, additional X-ray analysis, and other considerations. All these aspects of treatment will be taken into account to create an individual treatment plan that will meet your needs. An implant can replace almost any lost tooth. This procedure takes about the same amount of time as any other oral/surgical intervention. After putting in the implant and waiting the required length of time for osseointegration, the final prosthodontic work is done, which completes the restoration.

Oral surgery

With modern dental technology and anesthetics, all oral/surgical procedures, prosthetic surgical preparations, and surgical/orthodontic treatments have become much easier and more efficient for patients.

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