Gummy smile


When you smile, do you feel the appearance of your upper teeth is overshadowed by excessive gum tissue? Are you of the opinion that your upper teeth appear too short compared to the amount of soft tissue displayed when you smile? If you answered “yes” to either these questions, you may have condition that is commonly called a “gummy smile” or excessive genial display.

In the perfect smile, the upper lip sits just above the top teeth. But for people with a high lip line, too much of their gum is revealed, creating the gummy smile. This unflattering appearance of highly visible gums causes many people with a high lip line to avoid smiling or place their hand over their mouth when they smile or laugh. Although gummy smile has a very negative effect on the aesthetics of your smile. Nevertheless; your cosmetic dentist in DENTO ART can correct this condition through various treatment options (gingival correction/cosmetic porcelain veneers) depending on the cause of the condition.