Cosmetic dentistry

Composite veneers

(Hollywood smile for one day)

keramicki-veniri-03Veneers are usually made of ceramic material, although it can also create composite. In any case, materials that are produced are characterized by high transparency which this compensation gives a natural effect.
Lack of ceramic veneers is that they are quite expensive and if used in a misleading indication may come to their rupture. Composite veneers are also able to bring the desired effect, and the results only depend on the skill of the dentist.
The advantage of composite veneers, besides price, is what can be placed in just one visit to the entire dental arch. When setting subject to revision during the installation until the desired effect.
Price of composite veneers is much more acceptable, and our patients often opt for this option.

Cosmetic porcelain veneers

(porcelain veneers)

keramicki-veniri-02If you are unhappy with your smile because your teeth are uneven, odd-shaped, broken, distorted, or have other irregularities, Porcelain veneers offered the possibility of restoring the natural look, without orthodontics or braces. Ceramic souvenirs are thin pieces of ceramic specially designed and fitted to the front of teeth to improve appearance, color and shape of teeth. The procedure involves applying material to the entire front surface of teeth to improve its color, shape or position. Most often it takes a minimum of grinding tooth structure. They look very natural, serene and still reflect the characteristics of your natural tooth enamel.

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