About us

onamaDento-art private dental practice represented a symbol of high quality and advanced dentistry. We perform around thousands check-ups and treatments every year. The work and development processes in our team dental practice are based on teamwork, multi-disciplinary approach, constant technological and professional improvements, advancement of work organization and communication with patients, and finally, reliable partners.


onama_timskiradOur practice currently employs a team of dentists with different areas of expertise; representing all areas of dentistry. Teamwork is particularly important in complex cases. Good communication, exchange of ideas and division of duties mean that every segment of work meets high standards and is performed in as short a period as possible. From the very beginning Dento-art dental office was dedicated to constant improvement of dental services.


onama_oprema_za_radApart from professional knowledge, reliable equipment and dental materials are also essential for meeting the highest standards. Dento-art dental practice has two therapeutic chairs and a separate surgical block. Following the example of the world’s most advanced endodontic therapeutic principles; the practice owns instruments and materials used for the most complex treatments.

Today, patients expect reliable service and the highest aesthetic standards from a dental restoration. Materials and equipment that we use are known world-wide and have been chosen on the basis of many years of experience and strict selection in order to provide long-term, predictable results of high quality.

Orthodontics correction of dental defects and jaw deformity makes many patients happy, because the latest generation of materials and high optical quality do not interfere with patients’ everyday life, regardless of the kind of work they do. Special attention has been paid to the strictly defined hygienic protocol and program of sterilization of instruments and accompanying materials. Each segment of work is covered by a modern sterilization method through several specialized sterilizers, eliminating risk of infection. This guarantees complete safety and an extra link in a chain of successful dental treatment.

Communication with Patients

The best results can only be achieved where there is straight forward communication with patients, accompanied by mutual understanding. Whilst in the practice, dentists and dental nurses are always available to answer our patients’ questions, and consequently make their work easier. The surgery’s e-mail address (dento-art@hotmail.com) is always available to patients, offering an alternative way of sending x-rays, photographs, and dental reports.