YOU CAN SAVE UP TO 70% FOR DENTURES AND DENTAL IMPLANTS!! We offer you a wide range of services, from dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, all for very affordable prices. Also, patients will be greeted by polite, multilingual and educated personnel. For our patients from abroad we provide 50% discount on accommodation in hotels.
  • Service to smile.

    Open and easy communication with patients is the basis for mutual understanding and achieve top results. During the stay of the patient in a dental clinic, dental doctors and nurses are completely available to answer any questions patients and thus facilitate the work. During working hours all kinds of information can be obtained by phone.
  • Laser therapy

    In the field of dentistry, lasers for soft tissue have multiple positive effects because they provide a less invasive method with a minimum of postoperative complications and interventions generally do not require the use of anesthesia. Treatment and recovery of patients is shorter and less unpleasant. It is also less need for analgesics - pain meds.
  • Deflex prostheses

    Deflex prostheses provide great comfort a patient getting used to this kind of compensation is really easy and fast. They are made of a thermoplastic polyamide, which gives flexibility on the one hand and on the other hand a high resistance to falls and blows, in other words it is impossible to break.

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About us

Dento Art private dental practice represented a symbol of high quality and advanced dentistry. We perform around thousands check-ups and treatments every year. The work and development processes in our team dental practice are based on teamwork, multi-disciplinary approach, constant technological and professional improvements, advancement of work organization and communication with patients, and finally, reliable partners.

In our dental practice we provide the following services: prosthetic (veneers, zirconium, metal-ceramic crowns, and prosthesis), filings, endodontics, surgery (implants and all other surgical procedures), periodontal treatments (cleaning of dental tartar, curettage) and orthodontics (fixed and mobile braces). We provide professional services based on the principles of modern dentistry with an individualized approach to each patient.

We cooperate with top experts in fields of orthodontics, surgery and periodontics for highly specialized treatments in these areas and closely work with several top dental laboratories.

We are available for your FREE CHECKUP.